David H. Sutherland & Co. Inc. Celebrates New Membership and Expansion

June 14th, 2013

One of the Chamber’s newest members, David H. Sutherland and Company Incorporated, hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony during their open house on June 13th—showcasing their new 20,000 square foot facility located on Arctic Drive in Beaverton.  Along with the Beaverton Area Chamber ambassadors and Director of Membership and Programs, Jessica Provenza,  were three generations of Sutherlands there to celebrate the company’s expansion from their previous office, to accommodate new additions necessary for the growing business.

From modest and unconventional beginnings, the company was founded in Portland 1951 from a downtown phone booth by David H. Sutherland—growing over the years to experience international success. Originally known for exporting briquettes to Japan before transitioning to lumber and fire extinguishers among other products, Sutherland and Company Incorporated now primarily exports manufacturing products in the aerospace and high performance industries to countries around the world including East Asia, the Middle East, Western Europe, and across the United States. More recently, David H. Sutherland and Company has begun to concentrate on the local market—seeking opportunities within the area to supply customers with products and equipment to facilitate manufacturing in every step of the process. Adhesives, composites, chemicals, thermoplastic, oils, and paints are among the products offered by the company. Looking to engage customers in the local market, Steve Thompson from the City of Beaverton, suggested joining the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce to “Meet the neighbors,” said CEO Mary Sutherland Crouse.



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Emeritus at Park Place Celebrates their Grand Reopening with a Ribbon Cutting!

June 14th, 2013

Emeritus at Park Place celebrated a grand reopening on June 6th, in light of recent renovations. Long-time honorary Park Place residents of seven and 15 years held the ribbon during the ceremony, before enjoying refreshments and a raffle drawing. New carpets, roofing, and paint were among the revitalizing additions made at the assisted living facility. No longer called Park Place, Emeritus at Park Place residents are now enjoying a brighter and fresher environment to match their youthful, active lifestyle.

“What really sets Park Place apart from other assisted living facilities, is that our community is incredibly active! So many residents are very involved in the surrounding community, and participate in volunteering and social causes” said Program Director, Brittany Dohrwardt. When residents are not playing Bingo, getting a manicure, exercising their mind and artistic abilities with creative writing, or having a movie night, they are likely to be found at Metzger School helping children read, or off knitting beautiful pieces to be donated to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

“Everyone keeps really busy around here!” said Dohrwardt.

Emeritus at Park Places’ active and philanthropic community is not the only distinguishing characteristic of this Portland based senior living facility. Built in 1979, Park Place is part of the Emeritus Corporation—one of the largest senior community organizations in the world, helping to provide the same care a family member would a loved one in over 485 countries around the world. As an esteemed senior living facility, Emeritus at Park Place is continuously looking for ways to improve the quality of service provided to residents—which inspired the recent renovations and ribbon cutting!

“It was great to have the Beaverton Chamber there to support our grand reopening” said Dohrwardt. The Chamber always looks forward to celebrating exciting new beginnings or transformations with members, and share their news with other professionals in the area. What better way than with a ribbon cutting?

Emeritus at Park Place Emeritus Gals Emeritus Ribbon Cutting


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