Dave Nase has a Passion for Helping Others...

July 25th, 2013

Dave Nase Property Management has a growing passion for a cause.


Have you heard about Compassion First? He is in Indonesia as we speak helping make a difference across the globe.
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Get to Know Madden Industrial Craftsmen Inc.

July 16th, 2013




Ken Madden

Madden Industrial Craftsmen Inc. began 25 years ago, when Ron Madden started the industrial staffing company on the premise that with his experience and honest ideals, Madden Craftsman Industrial would bring unmatched value to the Pacific Northwest—providing industrial and construction businesses with qualified and skilled employees, while providing employees with exceptional career opportunities. Ken Madden and his brothers Greg and Paul, have been there alongside their father since Madden Industrial’s inception, experiencing and contributing to the company’s growth.

“We are a family company and local business. We treat people as family across the board, from clients to employees because our name is on the business. We always want to represent the Madden name in a good way” said Ken Madden about the company’s values that he attributes to their success.

Madden Industrial specializes in making the right placement of industry employees from trade laborers, to project managers and engineers. Madden describes Madden Industrial as a “niche” staffing company, which allows their placement professionals to truly understand the needs of clients, and the abilities of Madden’s personnel. This comprehensive insight results in placement that leads to sustainable employment connections, and satisfied clients and employees. Over the years, Madden Industrial’s business model has evolved.

“We hire people our clients want to hire long-term, it’s more of a partnership we have with our clients and employees” said Madden of Madden Industrial, where it is typical for employees to roll over to a client’s payroll without fee. Certainly not the norm for staffing companies, though it the values centered about family and partnership, in collaboration with honest business ideals have been translated successfully not only to Madden Industrial Craftsmen, but to Madden’s sister company as well, Madden Fabrication. Madden Fabrication is a welding company that services industrial, commercial and residential clients. The welding company, which is ran with the same values, work ethic, and customer service philosophies in mind, boasts impressive jobs—the reconstruction of Crater Lake Lodge being one of their first. Greg Madden manages this aspect of Madden Craftsman Industrial Inc.

It’s not only Madden’s core values that have made the company so successful and providing them with a competitive advantage over the past 25 years. Madden says the best business advice he has ever heard or was given came from a professor that stated one should “never be afraid to put themselves in an awkward position”.

“A little bit of fear is good. Never be afraid to fail” said Madden, describing another of his business ideals.

While Madden belongs to the Madden Industrial family, treating all constituents like family to uphold the family name, Madden also belongs the Beaverton Area Chamber family. Madden describes himself as being actively involved in the Beaverton Chamber from “What feels like the very beginning” said Madden. To describe Ken Madden and Madden Industrial as “actively involved” may be an understatement. Currently, Madden Industrial is generously sponsoring the Chamber’s new young entrepreneur program, The Young Entrepreneur Academy (YEA!), the Chamber’s Rooftop Networking Event, The Rooftop Hullabaloo, and the one of the Chamber’s most financially significant events, the Annual Golf Scramble. Madden Industrial shares their success, and to say Ken Madden is a valued member to the Chamber and the local community would also be an understatement.

When asked what he found beneficial of Chamber membership, Madden described enjoying an environment of like-minded people that like him, support the community.

“The Chamber is truly about the community,” said Madden, “I like being an environment of like-minded people. It’s nice to have a group that might not agree on everything, but definitely have the same and goals.”

Madden Industrial Craftsman will celebrate their silver anniversary this September. Madden says the company likes to keep the details of the celebration a surprise! Congratulations to Madden Industrial for 25 years of excellent business. The company has been a wonderful addition to the Beaverton Chamber and the Pacific Northwest. May there be many more anniversaries to come!


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