Medical School Takes Years. Learn to Save a Life in 30 Minutes or Less with Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue

March 27th, 2014

cardiac survior Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue

Raoul Meekcom survived cardiac arrest thanks to Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue and hands-only CPR. Raoul is pictured with firefighters of station 34.

“Everyday citizens can be superheroes. Saving a life can be as easy as two steps; you just have to be willing and ready to use your hands, and push hard and fast” said Alisa Cour, public affairs officer at Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue regarding the organization’s hands-only CPR training initiative.

As the largest fire district in Oregon, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue responded to over 35,000 incidents last year; eighty percent of incidents were medical related, with ten percent related specifically to cardiac. This significant portion of cardiac related emergencies is unsurprising considering heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States. What is surprising and impressive however, is Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue’s survival rate.

“Our 42 percent survival rate is significantly higher than the national average. This is certainly due to TVF&R’s partnership with community members that are trained and willing to assist in heart related emergency situations” said Alisa. “When a victim is in cardiac arrest, their brain is deprived of oxygen, and for every minute their brain is not receiving oxygen, their chance of survival decreases by 10 percent. Performing CPR keeps oxygen circulating to vital organs, including their brain, during the four to six minutes it takes respondents to arrive.” This four to six minute interval could potentially decrease a person’s survival rate by as much as 60 percent which is what makes CPR training so imperative.

Since 2008, when the American Heart Association formally changed their position on the proper technique to perform CPR, TVF&R has made it their mission to help educate the community at large how to properly perform hands-only CPR when faced with a cardiac emergency situation involving a friend, loved one, or even a stranger.



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2014 Primary Candidate Endorsements Announced

March 26th, 2014

Your Candidate Endorsement Council Announces Pro-Business Candidates for May 2014 Primary


Beaverton City Council Position No. 1 – Lacey Beaty

Beaverton City Council Position No. 5 – Marc San Soucie

Washington County Board of Commissioners Chair – Andy Duyck

Metro President – Tom Hughes

Metro Councilor District 4 – Kathryn Harrington

State Representative District 27 – Tobias Read

State Representative District 34 – Jason Yurgel and Brian Tosky (Co-Endorsement)

State Senator District 17 – Elizabeth Steiner Hayward

Read details on each candidate and why they are your Chamber’s Pro-business candidates – Visit our website. 


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The Tale of Bleeding Thorn Films: Starring Ryan E. Walters and Tim Park

March 19th, 2014

Picture it. Beaverton, Oregon. Two videographers on a mission to help organizations impact their community through visual media—one client at a time. With a combined 18 years of experience under their belts, working with clients such as TLC, Nike, National Geographic, and The Travel Channel; will businesses see the benefit, and take advantage of Bleeding Thorn Films‘ services to tell their story? Or will this opportunity…be missed?

Living three miles apart though never meeting, Ryan and Tim became acquainted two years ago in Hollywood to discover they shared mutual values, and the ambition to connect organizations with technology to open doors for companies large and small. From this ambition and their collective skills, Bleeding Thorn Films was born. Bleeding Thorn Films offers an array of services from consulting to help clients setup their own space to shoot, edit, and deliver videos internally, to working alongside clients to develop, shoot, and implement their video marketing strategy. Through online video marketing, Bleeding Thorns connect organizations with appropriate target audiences, and ignite a call to action.

“It is our desire to partner with organizations who want to improve their community, and leverage the power of online video” said Ryan. Video marketing and content is rapidly growing in popularity. Read any article or attend any marketing seminar and the power of video will be evident. In fact, video is the fastest growing advertising platform—and an effective one at that. Marketing firm, Invisia, touts the effectiveness of video marketing with a compelling list of statistics; 90 percent of users report that viewing a video about a product is helpful in making a purchase decision. The marketing company also states that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words. This is significant—considering a photo is worth a pitiful 1,000!

The Beaverton Chamber of Commerce and many other local businesses have taken notice of this trend, and have been learning to incorporate and develop video in their marketing efforts over the last few years. The Chamber has developed a YouTube campaign that features member testimonials, and is working with Bleeding Thorn Films to produce professional, polished, and affordable video content to help the Chamber connect to the community.

Once accessible only to large corporations, with equally large marketing budgets, video marketing has become highly accessible to small businesses through the development of technology, social media, and good folks like Tim and Ryan at Bleeding Thorn Films. Online video has the power to tell your businesses story, and allow you to engage with an audience unlike any other channel. Chamber members have been offered an exclusive 10 percent discount on all video services. Read about the different services offered by Bleeding Thorn Films to see which your business may benefit the most from, and watch the chamber videos and other Beaverton Chamber member’s online video content for great examples.

Follow Bleeding Thorn on Twitter! @bleedingthornpr



Mega Mixer 2014

March 18th, 2014



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Resource One Datto Promotion

March 12th, 2014

Datto Promotion - BACC Version


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