Madden Industrial Craftsman- Beyond The Blue-Collar

August 4th, 2015

Madden Industrial

Madden Industrial Craftsman began in 1988 as a family-run skilled labor provider. Fast forward 27 years later—Madden Industrial remains a family-run business, now holding the title of one of best 100 companies to work for in Oregon. Madden Industrial strives not only to place the right workers with the right employers for the highest long-term career potential, but continuously seeks to change the common misconception that surrounds trade labor workers and staffing companies alike.

“Some staffing companies provide ‘day-laborers’. We provide more than that. We go through the same essential screening that a full-time employer does to help ensure we place the right people with the right job—people that employers want to hire full-time. We don’t see trade professionals as ‘day-laborers’. Trades are a vital part of the workforce, and require experience and complex knowledge. We (Madden Industrial) want to empower people skilled in the trades” said Ken Madden, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. The company’s current campaign “I am Madden” does just that.

Through a series of television, print, radio, and bus spots, real Madden Industrial trade professionals share their craft, demonstrating impressive skill that certainly doesn’t evoke thoughts of what one might call a ‘blue-collar’ job—a title sometimes associated with trades, but rather a meticulous expertise.




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